duvedecor is a pioneer company with over fifty years’ experience and professionalism in the making of duvets and down pillows.
As a specialist in duvets, we pay attention to every stage of the production process by beginning with a rigorous selection of down of European origin. We analyse its quality thoroughly, we choose natural fibres to wrap our fillings that do not add any weight and can enhance the properties of the duvet, we study the making of fabrics so as to avoid cold areas, and finally, we design exclusive cases which are 100% cotton and that protect the fillings.

duvedecor, meets the European indications and standards (EN12935) regarding the treatment and use of these materials as fillers, continuously revised.

From our production plant in Onteniente (Valencia), Nordic pillows and pillows are developed every day with quality raw materials guaranteed. We are available for any query regarding our products, the materials used or the production process

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