The viscoelastic filling of this pillow, with a core which has 42 kg of density, provides a perfect adaptability and relieves pressure, facilitating a correct position of head and neck.
External cover:  Velour Jacquard sheared fabric, 100% cotton, with zip fastener.
Internal cover:  100% Cotton.

Hollofil Dacron Allerban      

The Hollofil Allerban Dacron of this pillow Multichannel (hollow of four holes) allows the circulation of air guaranteeing a balanced support and a resistant protection against mites, bacteria and fungus.
External cover:  100% Cotton, with zip fastener.
Internal cover:  100% Cotton 

50%Hollow Siliconed Fiber / 50% Microfiber  

It combines fine and ultra light fibres guaranteeing a comfortable rest. It has a five-centimetre border with lively white satin. It relieves cervical strain avoiding uncomfortable positions of the neck.
External cover: 100% Cotton.

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