Maintenance and conservation of Down Filled Quilts

When not using the duvet, we recommend you to keep it in the cotton bag which has been specially designed for a perfect preservation.

Ventilate the room for at least ten minutes.

Do not expose to a direct source of heat.

Before making the bed, aerate the duvet.

Nunca duerma, se siente o realice actividades bruscas sobre el nórdico, puede romper el tabique interior.

Do not dry-clean, the fabric deteriorates.

Never vacuum the duvet.

Its drying is very important, and it can be done in the open air or by machine in a low temperature cycle.

duvedecor recommends entrusting its cleaning to a professional. If you decide to clean it at home, use a soft detergent and without any bleach, and do it at a temperature which is not higher than 40 degrees centigrade. You must wash it separately with two or three tennis balls, which will prevent the filling from getting matted.

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